Life Group Questions for October 27, 2019

Mark 14:1-11

1.   Mark doesn’t explicitly tell us what motivated the woman to pour perfume on Jesus, but what
does the text imply?

2.   What were those, who claimed the woman’s expression was “wasteful”, missing about Jesus?

3.   Wouldn’t it have been good to use the money the perfume could have provided for the poor? 
Why was it good to use it for Jesus?

4.   When you think about worshipping Jesus, how would you describe what worship is?

5.   Can we worship things besides God? How is worshipping God different from worshipping other
things or other people?

6.   What do you think are some of the misunderstandings some people have about the worship
of God?

7.   What motivates you to worship God?  How do you know you are worshipping God?  What does
worshipping God feel like?