Life Group Questions for October 6, 2019

Mark 12:35-44

1.    What is wrong with the understanding of the scribes about Jesus that He is pointing out by
quoting Psalm 110?  How would you paraphrase v. 36?

2.    How do vv. 38-40 relate to loving God with all our heart and our neighbor as our self
(vv. 28-34)? What is being revealed about the scribes’ love for God and their neighbor?

3.    What is being revealed about the widow’s love for God in vv. 41-44? 

4.    Why is the incarnation (Jesus being fully human AND fully divine – the descendant of David
AND the God of David) so important?

5.    Why is wholehearted love of God so important to Him?  What should it be to us?

6.    If you give all your money to the church, does that mean necessarily that you love God with all
your heart?  If you keep any of your money, does that mean that you don’t?  How are faith and
finances linked?   

7.    Do you know people who accept the humanity of Jesus, but not the divinity?  Would this
passage be useful to you in conversations with them?  Would you feel comfortable explaining it?

8.    When and how were you motivated to love God with all your heart?

9.    How do we express our wholehearted love for God - With our money?  With our time? 
With our neighbors?