Life Group Questions for November 3, 2019

Mark 14:12-31

1.    What is the Passover?  What events are being commemorated?  Why does Mark share the details
of finding the room?

2.    Clearly Jesus knows who will betray Him.  Why doesn’t He say who it is?  If not to point out
the betrayer, why bring it up?

3.    What does Jesus mean when He says the wine represents the ‘blood of the covenant’?

4.    What does it tell us about the disciples that they unanimously tell Jesus He is mistaken about
their abandoning Him?

5.    This section in Mark seems to highlight Jesus’ awareness of the future.  Why was that important
for Mark’s original audience?  Why is it important for us?

6.    What is the significance of Passover being the occasion for Jesus’ last supper?

7.    What does Peter’s passion and failure teach us about the life of a disciple?

8.    What does Jesus being the Passover Lamb mean to you?  How does it affect what you think
about God?  About Jesus’ earthly ministry?  About salvation?

9.    What are the typical thoughts and feelings associated with the celebration of communion? 
What emotions do you feel?  Why?