Life Group Questions for November 10, 2019

Mark 14:32-52 

1.    Jesus is really struggling in Gethsemane. What’s causing His deep anguish?

2.    In v. 34, what does Jesus ask Peter, James, and John to do?  How well do they follow Jesus’

3.    Jesus anguished over the cross, but eventually, willingly goes to his betrayer. What changed? 

4.    Why doesn’t the Father grant Jesus’ request to have this difficulty removed?

5.    What’s Mark’s purpose in telling us about Jesus’ anguish in three different places in this passage?

6.    What do we feel as you read this?  Feel bad for Jesus?  Feel angry at the disciples?  Feel good for
us?  Something else?

7.    What would our “falling asleep” on Jesus look like? 

8.    How does this text encourage your walk with Jesus?  How might it encourage you to
encourage others?