Pre-Life Group Study Questions for February 17, 2019

Mark 7:1-13

What does the text say?

1.    How does Mark 7: 1-13 fit in the flow of Mark’s gospel thus far?  What have we learned about
the disciples?  The crowds?  The religious leaders?

2.    Why does Mark include that the religious leaders came from Jerusalem?

3.    What might it tell us about Mark’s audience that he includes an explanation in vv. 3-4, and
what does it tell us about “the tradition of the elders?”

4.    What is the primary issue the religious leaders address with Jesus in vv. 1-5, and why is it
important to them?

5.    Was it necessarily a wrong goal for the religious leaders to try to uphold the “tradition of the
”? Explain.

6.    The word hypocrite refers to “an actor” or “someone who wears a mask.”  How is Jesus using
this word?  What is the contemporary usage of the word?  Explain.

7.    What are the two problems the religious leaders have, according to Jesus’ quote of Isaiah 29:13? 

8.  How does v. 9 get illustrated through the example Jesus gives in vv. 10 –13?

9.   How does the allowance of “Corban” cause the religious leaders to “void the word of God?”

10.  Summarize how Jesus’ statements in vv. 6-13 answer the religious leaders question in v. 5?

How does the text apply?

1.    How can pursuing something good, even the Bible, go bad?  Is it possible for us to seek the
truth of the Bible, but have a heart that is very far from God?  Explain.

2.    What are some external markers that Christians use today to measure their spiritual health, or
that of others?  What are the dangers? 

3.    As we do things that we think will be pleasing to God, how do we maintain a heart that
honors God?