Pre-Life Group Study Questions for February 24, 2019

Mark 7:14-23

What does it mean?

1.   Summarize Mark thus far.  What are some of the big themes we’ve seen?

2.   Describe the connection between Mark 7:1-13 and vv. 14-23. How does Mark
follow-up Jesus’ interaction with the Pharisees in vv. 14-23?

3.   What does Jesus mean by his statement in v. 15?  How would you paraphrase it to make it
easier to understand?

4.   How should we understand Jesus’ response to the disciples in v. 18?

5.   What is Jesus specifically referencing through the “heart”, and how does it participate in
one’s defilement?

6.   What is the significance of Jesus declaring all foods clean?  How does this relate to

7.   What are some examples Jesus uses to demonstrate things that come out of the heart of
man?  What do these things ultimately point to in our lives?

8.   How do you think Jesus’ teaching changed the way the disciples thought of sin?  How does
Jesus’ view relate to what they know from the Old Testament?

9.   How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea in 7:14-23?

How does it apply?

1.   What was your view of sin growing up?  How has it changed?  How would you define sins
vs. sin nature today?

2.   How do you fight the feeling of coming up short/being a failure because we never
completely overcome our sin? What is the role of your Life Group to encourage honest
dialogue and help one another have confidence in Jesus’ victory over sin?

3.   What does Ongoing Spiritual Transformation mean in light of your view of sin?

4.   How would you communicate this understanding of sin to people that have yet to treasure
Christ?  Where do you start?