Pre-Life Group Study Questions for March 3, 2019

Mark 7:24-8:30

What does it mean?

1.    Describe where we’ve been in Mark thus far.  Why does Mark follow a discussion of sin (7:1-23)
with stories of healings and miracles?

2.    What does Jesus mean by his statement in v. 27?  Does the woman understand what he
means?  What does she mean by her response?

3.    To what/whom do the terms “children,” “dogs,” and “bread” refer to in Jesus’ parable?

4.    What is unique about the healing of the deaf man in vv. 31-37?  Why do you think Mark
describes so many of the physical details of this healing?

5.    How is the narrative of Jesus feeding the four thousand in 8:1-10 different than Jesus feeding
the five thousand in Chapter 6?  Is it evident that the disciples learned from the previous
miracle?  Do you think this miracle had a greater impact on the crowd or the disciples?  Why?

6.   In vv. 11-13, what does the Pharisees' request for a "sign" tell you about their powers of
observation?  Their faith?

7.    In vv. 14-15, what is the "leaven" of the Pharisees?  Why does Jesus tell them to "beware" or
"watch out" for it and in what way is he saying it may infect people?

8.   In vv. 22-26, what healing procedure did Jesus use to heal the blind man of Bethsaida?  
Why didn’t he fully heal him on the first try?

9.    In vv. 28-29, what questions does Jesus ask?  How does Peter answer?  How does this reflect
what the Jews expect the Christ or Messiah to be?

10.  How would you summarize Marks big idea in 7:24-8:30?

How does it apply?

1.     Do you ever feel like it would be easier to trust God more if you could see something
miraculous done or experience healing for yourself?

2.    Did the impact of finding salvation in Christ and being forgiven feel miraculous to you?  How
often do you think about it?

3.    What do you find hardest to trust Christ has power over, based on your assessment of what you
worry most about?