Pre-Life Group Study Questions for March 17, 2019

Mark 9:1-13

What does the text mean?

1.  Summarize where we’ve been in the past 8 chapters of Mark. Has there been a clear turning
point in the narrative thus far?  If so, where?

2.  How does the end of chapter 8 set the disciples and the reader up for the transfiguration?

3.  In 9:1, Jesus says some of those standing with him will see the kingdom of God before they die?
Is this an immediate foreshadowing (the transfiguration), his death and resurrection, or
something else?

4.  What does it mean that Jesus was “transfigured before them”?  What do you think this looked and
felt like to the disciples?

5.  Why do you think Jesus is joined by Elijah and Moses?  What do each of them represent?

6.  Peter responds to the transfigured Christ and Moses and Elijah by wanting to make a tent for
them.  Why does he suggest this?

7.  Who is the voice coming out of the cloud in v. 7?  When else have we heard this voice in Mark?
How are these interactions similar/different?

8.  In verse 9, why is it that Jesus charges them to tell no one?

9.  In verse 11, the disciples question references the prophecy of Elijah returning in Malachi 4:5. 
Why is the disciples question important regarding who Jesus is?  What is Jesus telling them by
saying “Elijah has come.”?

How does it apply?

1. Like the transfiguration, can you look back on a moment in your spiritual life where you knew
undeniably that Jesus is God?  How did you react?  What lasting impact has that produced?

2. How should seeing the transfigured Christ give more flesh and meaning to his commands
in 8:34-38?

3. How do you think Jesus is revealing his true identity to us now, in 2019?  How can we share that
with others?

4. What might it look like to more courageously follow Jesus every day - inspired, encouraged, and
emboldened by who Jesus is and anticipating the fulfillment of the kingdom?