Pre-Life Group Study Questions for March 31, 2019

Mark 9:30-37

What does the text mean?

1.    Summarize the big ideas so far in Mark chapter 9.

2.    How do verses 30-32 connect to both 9:14-29 and 9:33-37?

3.    In v. 31, Jesus foretells his death.  What are the details he gives?  Why is he sharing them

4.    Why does Jesus still not want anyone to know (v. 30)?  Why might the disciples be afraid to ask
him about his teachings (v. 32)?

5.    Why does Jesus ask what the disciples were talking about on their journey in verse 33?
What does their response tell you about their awareness of what they’ve learned?

6.    How does Jesus respond to the disciples’ argument about who is the greatest?  What does he
mean by his statement in v. 35?

7.    How do the ideas “be last of all” and “servant of all” relate to each other?

8.    Why does Jesus use a child as an example in vv. 36-37?  How are children received differently
between then and now?

9.    What does it mean to “receive” someone as the child?  Who is it that “sent” Jesus and how
significant is it to receive someone like this child?

10. How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea in 9:30-37?

How does it apply?

1.    How do you define humility?  How do most people define humility?

2.    Who are the people that demonstrate humility and how does it get expressed?

3.    Can you grow in humility?  How?  How would you know?

4.    How does Jesus model and demonstrate this idea of humility and servant hood to us through
his own life?

5.    Who would we put into that category of “children” in our day and age?

6.    What does it mean to receive someone in the name of Christ?  Is it accepting those different
from us, providing for those that are less fortunate than us or something different entirely?