Pre-Life Group Study Questions for April 14, 2019

Mark 10:1-12

 What does it mean?

1.     Summarize chapter 9 in terms of what Jesus taught.  Who was most of this teaching
directed at?

2.     Why does Mark include that teaching was Jesus’ “custom” in verse 1?  What would that mean
to the disciples witnessing this first-hand?  Reading this as the original audience for Mark?  
For us, today?

3.     What is the Pharisees’ motivation for their question to Jesus?  Why?

4.     The Pharisees are referencing Deuteronomy 24 in verse 4.   How does knowing the Old
Testament law help us understand this text?

5.     How does Jesus’ answer in verses 5-10 point the Pharisees to the overall idea of the law? 
What point does he make in verse 5 to shift the focus of the Pharisees question?

6.     Why might the disciples ask Jesus again about his teachings on divorce?  Why might Jesus need
to state divorce from both the man and woman’s situation?

7.     In Jesus’ overall response to questions on divorce, is he providing specific rules that we are
expected to follow?  If not, what point is he making?

How does it apply?

1.     Jesus’ response to the Pharisees appeals to God’s creation intent for marriage. How might this
approach change how we think about marriage and divorce?  How might this change the way
we think about and interpret both the law and Jesus’ teaching?  How can we help others see

2.     We live in a culture that is torn between a black and white view of divorce or only shades of
gray.  What does it mean for us to be increasingly devoted to knowing what we believe and
standing for it?  How can we stand up for our beliefs on divorce specifically?

3. Marriage is one piece of God’s plan. How can we lovingly help each other align all our thinking
and living with God’s word?