Pre-Life Group Study Questions for April 7, 2019

Mark 9:38-50

What does it mean?

1.     How would you summarize the key ideas Mark has shared about what it means to be a follower
of Jesus in chapter 9?

2.     Why are the disciples so concerned about others exercising power in the name of Jesus?

3.     What does Jesus mean that “no one will be able soon afterward to speak evil of me” in v. 39?

4.     In v. 42, Jesus returns to another example using a child.  How are these ideas connected to
vv. 38-41?

5.     What does Jesus mean when He says these “little ones believe in me” (v. 42)?

6.     Are Jesus’ instructions about how we should respond to sin in verses 43-48 literal or
metaphorical? How much should we be applying these teachings?

7.     What do the images of salt and fire represent in this text?

8.     How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea of 9:38-50?


How does it apply?

1.     Through this text, what can we learn about God and the characteristics of those that follow

2.     What does it look like to welcome and encourage someone promoting Jesus and simultaneously
be on guard for those who could lead the spiritually immature away from Jesus?

3.     How could we increasingly be devoted to knowing the essentials of what we believe?  How can
we increasingly, lovingly stand for those essentials?

4.     Leading others to sin is a big deal.  How do we help each other to ensure we’re not doing it?