Pre-Life Group Study Questions for May 19, 2019

Mark 10:46-52

What does it text mean?

1.     How would you summarize the big ideas Mark has shared thus far in Chapter 10?

2.     We’ve read three stories of Jesus foretelling his death in Mark (8:31, 9:30, and 10:32).  
Compare these stories to each other.  Why are the events preceding this story in 10:46-52
significant?  What can we learn about this story from the context?

3.     Why does Mark include so many details regarding the identity of the blind man?

4.     What is significance about how the blind man addresses Jesus in v. 47?

5.     What should we take from the people who were telling Bartimaeus to be silent?

6.     Why does Bartimaeus “throw off his cloak” in v. 50?

7.     In v. 51, Jesus repeats the question he asks the disciples when they question him in 10:36. 
What is Mark telling us by repeating this question?  How does this question compare between
the two interactions?

8.     What are the different things Bartimaeus asks Jesus for in vv. 46-52?  How does Jesus respond
to him and what does he do for him?

9.     What does Bartimaeus do in response to his healing?

10. In your own words, what is Mark’s big idea for 10:46-52?

How does it apply?

1.     When did you first hear about Jesus?  What feelings, emotions, and questions did Jesus stir in
your mind and heart?

2.     We continue to see examples in Mark of the disciples, who should “get it”, missing it, and
others who haven’t been so close with Jesus “getting it”.  How can we ensure that we continue
to see Jesus as the real deal?

3.     Jesus continues to accept those who are viewed as less than most.  How can we be more
attentive to the needs of others that might be perceived as less than most?

4.     What can we learn from the way Bartimaeus approaches Jesus?  How do we approach God
when we are seeking something from him?