Pre-Life Group Study Questions for May 26, 2019

Mark 11:1-11

What does the text mean?

1.   Summarize Mark 8:31-10:52. Chapter 11 marks the beginning of a narrative shift in the
gospel.  How has Mark set up the reader for the events leading up to Jesus’ death and

2.   Why did Jesus travel to Jerusalem?  What is significant about Jerusalem?

3.   Why does Jesus instruct the disciples to bring the colt to Him (v. 2)?  Why is Jesus referring to
Himself as “Lord” important?

4.   Have we seen Jesus enter a place in this way anywhere else in Mark?  What is significant about
what the disciples and the others are doing upon His entry?

5.   What emotions are the people shouting “Hosanna” expressing in vv. 9-10?  What does this say
about their view of Jesus?

6.   What is the first thing Jesus does when He enters Jerusalem?  Why does Mark make a point to
tell us this?

7.   How would you paraphrase the big idea of the triumphal entry?  How does the story of the
triumphal entry help prepare the reader for the death of Christ?

How does it apply?

1.   Jesus makes quite the entrance into Jerusalem, both aware of His mission and ultimate direction.
How does Jesus’ level of authority and confidence, in the context of His week, give you hope in
the situations you are facing?

2.   What moments in your life generate feelings that make you celebrate Jesus?  What does that look

3.   What do you look to Jesus to be the king of in your life?  How can we, as a Life Group, help
ensure that our view of Jesus as king is accurate to what the Bible shares with us?