Pre-Life Group Study Questions for April 28, 2019

Mark 10:13-16

What does the text mean?

1. Since chapter 8, how has Mark defined what genuine faith is thus far in his book?

2. In the immediate context, how should we understand the connection between Jesus teachings on
divorce with his interactions with children?

3. Why is it that “they” are bringing children to Jesus in verse 13? Who are “they”? Why do the
disciples rebuke them?

4. In verse 14, Jesus was “indignant” to the disciples. Why does Jesus react so strongly?

5. What does Jesus mean by his statement in verse 15? In what sense are we to be “like a child”?

6. Jesus seems to be talking about children in verse 14, and then calling us to be like children in
verse 15. Is the kingdom of God for the children, or for those who are like children? Explain.

7. What is the significance of Jesus taking the children in his arms (v 16)?

8. How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea in 10:13-16?

How does it apply?

1. What do we learn about the person of Jesus and the character of God by his indignation toward
the disciples?

2. What is the area in your life that you could continue to demonstrate more of that “childlike”
trust and dependence on God?

3. How do we balance childlike faith with our responsibility to continue pursuing a deep,
intellectual knowledge of God? What can we do to help each other maintain that balance?