Pre-Life Group Study Questions for May 12, 2019

Mark 10:32-45

What does the text mean?

1.     How would you summarize the big ideas of Mark thus far in Chapter 10?

2.     In verses 32-34 Jesus speaks of His death for a third time.  As you compare this statement with
the first two (8:31 & 9:30-31), what new information are you provided with?

3.     What is significant about Jesus “walking ahead of them?”  Why were the disciples “amazed” and
the other followers “afraid”?

4.     Explain why James and John ask to sit at Jesus' right and left?  How might it show faith?  How
might it show pride?  What evidence is in the text to support your answers?

5.     In Jesus’ response, what is the most important idea Jesus is trying to teach James and John
about the pathway to greatness in the kingdom?

6.     What does "lord it over" mean in v. 42?  In what way would this contrast how Jesus lived His

7.     How does v. 45 tell us about the “why” of Jesus’ death in connection to vv. 32-34?

8.     In what way was the death of Jesus Christ a “ransom”?  Who does Jesus say it is for?  From what
are they ransomed?

9.    How would you paraphrase Mark’s big idea in 10:32-45?

How does it apply?

 1.    What are the ways we typically think of service, giving, or humility?  How can we expand this
principle into all areas of life?

2.     What do you learn from this passage about the pathway to greatness in the Kingdom?  How
should it form the model for our lives now?  Where do you see a need for growth in your life?

3.     How do you think you would be described if those under your “authority” were asked about
how you lead?

4.     Imagine you were one of the other disciples overhearing James and John asking for the most
prominent roles in the kingdom of God.  What would your reaction have been?  How should
we react today when we encounter a other Christians who seek what appear to be selfish goals,
in whatever form that may look like?  What can we as a group do to support one another
regarding this scenario?