Pre-Life Group Study Questions for June 2, 2019

Mark 11:12-25

What does the text mean?

1. How would you summarize Mark’s big idea of 11:1-11?

2. In vv. 12-14, why does Jesus curse the tree?  Has the fig tree done something wrong?    

3. What does the representation of a tree in leaf with no fruit represent in the current   

4. What is Mark communicating by book ending the cleansing of the temple with the pictures  
    of the fig tree?

5. In vv. 15-17, Mark paints a very different picture of Jesus than we are used to seeing.  What  
    is he trying to make known about the Messiah’s role?

6. What is the difference between the actions of those selling in the temple and their
     motivation?  What are their motivations “robbing” people of?

7. In v. 22, Jesus says that only faith matters.  How does this idea fit into the stories of the fig
     tree and the cleansing of the temple?

8. In vv. 24-25, how does Jesus connect prayer with genuine faith and how it is expressed?

How does it apply?

1. What actions do you see as evidence of authentic faith?  How can we assess those actions in
     our lives to determine if they are truly authentic?  Is it possible to do that with others actions?

2. Does it make you feel mostly positive or negative emotions when you think of Jesus as
   “the judge”?

3. What are some of the “spiritual expressions” or prayers that you may have stopped or changed as
you grew in your understanding of what genuine faith looks like?

4. When thinking of forgiveness, was there a time in your life you had a hard time forgiving
someone?  Explain.  Who in your life may you still need to forgive?