Life Group Questions for September 15, 2019

Mark 12:1-12

1.   Who is the parable directed to?  What is Jesus trying to communicate to them?

2.  What is Mark hoping we readers take from his recording of Jesus’ telling of the parable?

3.  Why does Jesus quote part of Psalm 118?  What does Mark hope we get from quoting Jesus’
quote from Psalm 118?

4.   What theological ideas do you believe Jesus is trying to convey by His telling of the parable?

5.  What truths about God and how He works do you get from vv. 10-12, from the quote
of Psalm 118?

6.   How does this text encourage you?  Be specific.  In what current life situation do you most need
this encouragement?

7.  How do you experience and express the ‘marvelous’ work of Jesus in daily life?