Life Group Questions for September 8, 2019

Mark 11:27-33

1.  Why do the religious leaders ask Jesus about his authority? What answer do you think they
hoped for?  What would they have done if they had received the answer for which they hoped?

2.  What’s the essence of Jesus’ question (put it in other words)?

3.  What is revealed by the religious leader’s answer to Jesus’ question?  How good are they at being
religious leaders?

4.  Why is it so important to Mark to emphasize the authority Jesus has?

5.  How is Jesus’ authority related to Biblical authority?

6.  How did you come to determine that Jesus and the Bible were to be trusted?  Are authoritative?

7.  Where do you see yourself still in doubting the authority of Jesus and Scripture?  How has
trusting Jesus’ authority benefitted you?