Todd Chapman

Senior Pastor

Todd grew up going to church but didn’t really meet Christ until his early twenties. Since then he’s been on an ever increasing joy-ride with Jesus. Besides Jesus he loves his wife, his kids and the folks they've married, and his grandkids. He sees himself as a guy that gets paid to enjoy God, and help others discover the delight that inevitably accompanies walking with God. He is convinced there is no better life.

Christy Cran

Pastor of Children

Christy grew up in California and started pursuing a relationship with God in her late teens.  She became a mom earlier than expected and went to night school to get her degree in childhood development.  She's taught preschool for many years, worked at several churches, and married the man God saved for her. Looking back, it's clear that God used this whirlwind adventure to instill in Christy a passion for children and the way they are introduced to Christ.  At RCC, Christy creates an environment that's engaging, fun, truthful, and age appropriate to maximize a healthy curiosity at these children begin their lifelong journey toward Christ. 

Keith Gove

Pastor of Care & Outreach

Apparently Keith has a great fear of faraway places.  He was born in Placentia, went to college in Fullerton, attended to seminary in Brea, and is now on staff at RCC here in Yorba Linda.  He committed himself to Christ in his first year of college and studied to pursue ministry as a Bible translator – something he could do from home perhaps?  Since then, God has led him on a wild ride of occupational opportunities from musician, to case manager, to crisis counselor, to Army chaplain, to Pastor of Care.  All the while, drawing Keith to the task of extending Christ’s offer of grace through faith to those who are hurting – both within the church and without.

Brian Betts Website Photo.jpg

Brian Betts


Brian's life changed when he arrived at RCC 10 years ago and through this community's encouragement, he finally started reading the Bible for himself.  His subsequent journey created a more accurate picture of God's plan and a fire for Jesus that led him to pursue a full-time role in ministry as a pastor.
Along with his continued pursuit of our all-sufficient God, Brian's life is also heavily influenced by his lovely wife, Janelle, and their two daughters -  who always keep dad on his toes.
Spend a few minutes with Brian and you'll see that his experiences prior to his role as a pastor - including sports teams, rock bands, and 15+ years of marketing - have sharpened his desire for collective success, his dry sense of humor, and his understanding that grace from an Almighty God is the most important thing anyone could ever "buy".


Jonny Burns


Jonny may be the only pastor in town that doesn’t drink coffee...but he does play golf (and baseball) so that covers part of the basic requirements for being a pastor. Most importantly, half-way through his work toward a degree in education at Biola University, Jonny discovered his two main passions in life: God’s Word and people. These two passions drove him straight into seminary, where he received his Masters Degree from Talbot. For years, Jonny has been connecting with middle school and high school aged students through his roles at Forest Home, coaching baseball, and interning at RCC.  With the privilege of watching him up close as he connects with this crucial age group, we believe Jonny's passion and proven skills wonderfully equip him to fight for young people as they grow toward a Christ-filled life of joy in pursuing God.

Jim Klein

Pastor of Senior Adults

Jim grew up in North Dakota, but spent his adult life here in (warm) Southern California, primarily Orange County. He understands life and church through the lens of different "tribes" over several decades of ministry.  Sometimes serving bi-vocationally, he also has a background in financial services.  Both individually and together, he and his wife, Patty, understand the immensity of God's love and grace and His capacity to provide life "in all its' fullness". They have two adult children and three very lovable and enthusiastic grandchildren.  Jim provides direction for Outreach - along the spectrum from global to local and Assimilation - helping cultivate a sense of belonging for guests and newer attendees to the RCC Fellowship.  

Dennis Griggs

Pastor at large

Dennis was born a good Baptist boy who wanted to be “bad”.  Being a social insider, he failed his freshman year in college.  Dennis and his wife, Joy, served in Germany with CRU for 22 years where their three children were born and raised. During that time, Dennis studied theology and worked with churches in Germany.  The family returned to California in 1989. Since then, Dennis has been a pastor with the last 18 years spent at RCC as Care Pastor and then Outreach Pastor. Dennis and Joy have six grandchildren whom they visit and enjoy immensely.  Dennis’ major hobby is gardening and backyard entertaining.  He looks forward to heaven and taking as many as possible with him!