Thank you for taking the time to visit us! Our hope is that this helps you navigate more about who we are, what we do and what things are going on in RCC student ministry.  

One of our three core values is to partner with parents.  We believe parents are the intended to be the greatest spiritual influence in their students life (Deut. 6:6-7). We get the privilege of being with your student on Sunday and Wednesday nights for 4 out of the 168 hours in the week. We do recognize that students may be more spiritually open at church and for this reason we see our role as complementing and building on what is already being taught at home.  

Please know that anyone on our staff is happy to meet with you because we exist to support you on this journey to know God and enjoy God more and partner and compliment you in your efforts to awaken affections for God in your students.

We have an open door policy! Meaning... our office doors are always open! Please feel free to call, email, or just stop by!  There is no greater privilege than to join with you on this journey.

If you would like to be included in a once a month email blast that we send out that shares some of the exciting things that God is doing along with providing an opportunity for you as parents to get a more inside look at what is going on please sign up for our Parent Connection Blast or email us! 

Parent Connection Blast

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