• Who is this for? For children entering 1st grade through entering 6th grade.

  • Where does all the fun happen? Right here on the RCC campus!

  • When does all this happen? Monday, July 15th – Friday, July 19th, 9am to Noon. Workshops are Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday. Friday is Fun and Recreation Day!

  • Why are we doing this? Because we have lots of fun exploring the unique ways God accomplishes His purpose.


Our workshops will be taught by experts in the field!  Each workshop runs for two days.  This gives each attendee the chance to register for two entirely different workshops.  We want everyone to take this opportunity to try a new skill as well as have the chance to do something they are more familiar with.  List of workshops coming soon!

  • COOKING: Master basic cooking skills such as slicing, dicing, boiling, and baking. Make edible creations.

  • GAME MAKING: Use your ingenuity to create big games. Become the playing pieces and test them out.

  • MUSIC: Get your rhythm on! Learn basic beat, notes, and melody while using ordinary items such as buckets, drinking glasses, slide whistles, and more. Our teachers will equip you with techniques to spark your hidden talent.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Develop your techniques of composition and light for portraits and landscapes. Use toys as practice models before taking live pictures. Be the photographers for the week!

  • PINATA CREATIONS: Design, cut, glue, fill, whack, and enjoy your own pinata creator.

  • SCIENCE - How it Works: Become a toy physicist. Dismantle toys to see their inner workings. Design toys to test the laws of physics.

  • SEWING: Stitch one-of-a-kind toys and other sewing crafts. Learn and master hand-sewing and other techniques to individualize your creations.

  • SPORTS CENTER: Run, kick, toss, and aim as you play sports that use toys such as Frisbees, Nerf, balls and more.

  • TOY ART: Paint and stamp with race cars, squirt guns, Duplos, marbles, and more. Your imagination will be your only limitation.

  • WOODWORKING: Learn woodworking from our local expert. Hammer, saw, and sand while creating toys you can play with at home.

Workshops have limited space. If your choice is full, feel free to choose another workshop.

If interested in being a volunteer, please contact Christy at